cultivation of pomegranate and its uses

BOTANICAL NAME: Punica granatum L
FAMILY: Punicacae
English: Pomegranate
Sanskrit: Dadima
Hindi: Anar
Tamil: Maadhulai
Malayalam: Matalam
Kanada: Daalimbe

DESCRIPTION: Punica granatum L. is a small deciduous tree with smooth, dark grey bark. The thorns are straight, long, pointed and woody. The leaves are narrow and glossy. The flowers are usually scarlet red (occasionally yellow)...

cultivation of curry leaf and its uses

BOTANICAL NAME: Murraya koengii L.
FAMILY: Rutaceae
English: Curry leaf
Sanskrit: Surabhi
Hindi: Katnim, Karipatta
Tamil: Karuvempu
Malayalam: Karivepu Kanada: Karibevu

DESCRIPTION: This is an evergreen shrub, up to 6m with spreading dark green foliage. The leaves of the plant are covered with minute glands and are also strongly aromatic. The plant bears clusters of small white fragrant flowers. Fruits...

cultivation of hibiscus herb and its uses

BOTANICAL NAME: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L.
FAMILY: Malvaceae
English: Hibiscus, shoe-flower, Chinese rose
Sanskrit: Japapuspa
Hindi: Jasund
Tamil: Semparuthi
Malayalam: Ayamparutti
Kanada: Dasavala

DESCRIPTION: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. is an evergreen shrub that grows up to 30m in ideal conditions. More generally, it is about 2.5m. The leaves are bright green, ovate and coarsely...

Greenhouse Farming: Lettuce

Hydroponics ( Name originates from the Greek words hydro, water and ponos, work) is a strategy for developing plants soil .
Physical plants may be developed with their in the mineral supplement arrangement just or in a latent medium, for example, rock, mineral fleece, or coconut husk.

The Four basic lettuces are

1) Leaf Lettuce

The leaf lettuce comes in numerous hues, from emerald green to dim maroon. Surfaces range from adjusted edges to ornaments...

Cultivation Techniques for Melia dubia (malabar neem)

Site elements

The trees develop well in sandy topsoil, red and lateritic soils with a yearly precipitation of 800 mm or more.

Seed accumulation, preparing and Nursery procedures

Seed preparing and pretreatments: Reports state extremely poor germination in Melia. Learns at IFGTB uncover germination as high as 60 for every penny with no pretreatments. The drupes ought to be evaluated in water to uproot gliding seeds preceding sowing.

Nursery: Seed...



Introduction to rabbit farming

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  • Introduction to rabbit farming

    what are the positive aspects of rabbit farming and how profitable will it be?

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    People keep rabbits for an extensive variety of reasons. The central purpose of this booklet is to accommodate a couple of clarifications behind little farmers, low pay families or adolescents to do along these lines, and to discuss organization, imitating, sustenance, veterinary, and distinctive issues for this kind of yard developing.

    1.1 A couple of purposes behind keeping rabbits

    ? The meat is brilliant, incredible quality and like chicken meat. This is known in various nation, tropical gatherings.

    ? There are few religious or distinctive taboos on rabbit meat (beside in vegetarian social orders). Islam does not restrict expending rabbit meat, case in point.

    ? Basic capital cost is irrelevant. With some scrap wood or bamboo, a pen can be produced.

    ? Animals all over the place all through the tropical world are routinely used as a store stores cooling count. Right when a little measure of money is obliged it is easier to offer a little animal than for example the back leg of a goat.

    ? The measure of meat gave by a rabbit is tremendous enough for a bit of social affair or a family dish (essentially indistinguishable to the measure of a chicken). Of course a rabbit is sufficiently little to expend all the meat promptly with- out the necessity for refrigeration or other insurance.

    ? To start a rabbit ìbusinessî one does not require a broad initial help ment. Several does (females) with a ram or buck (male) is sufficient to start, once the fuel begins the force rapidly augments in size (if done well and with no awful fortunes) so soon one can butcher the young fellows.

    ? In case one starts a rabbit ìbusinessî with acquired animals, inside a huge segment of a year the initial ìcreditî can be returned as live animals.

    ? Since the does produce descendants every now and again they structure a reliable wellspring of pay as opposed to a generous aggregate pronto's.

    ? Feeding rabbits can be especially shabby. In spite of the way that supplementation with concentrate or grain is from time to time essential and unquestionably will

    6 Presentation

    fabricate improvement rates, roadside grass, kitchen offal, course of action takes off,

    et cetera can give the principal nourishment at practically no cost.

    ? Rabbits can be tended by women, adolescents or men and not under any condition like more prominent

    animals oblige no force to be controlled.

    ? The fertilizer can be used for vegetable creating.

    ? The fertilizer does not smell unnecessarily, and rabbits don't make

    much fuss hence the neighbors won't grumble.

    ? The skin is gainful if there is a business for it, possibly in neighborhood

    meticulous work (see Segment 10 for tanning)

    ? Young people make sense of how to tend for and recognize animals.

    ? A rabbit is a conventional present for an adolescent on a birthday, for a neighbor

    who will marry or for a servant who needs to go home to his vil- lage.

    Surely this long rundown could be extended to join various more rea- youngsters for keeping rabbits.

    A couple of difficulties of keeping rabbits

    ? Most basic in a condition where one is the first regardless rab- bits is that regularly people are reluctant to recognize something new. While in Europe and the U.s. there is a settled business division for rabbit meat, in the tropics the business part becomes more formed for chickens; there are few countries with an arranged business for rabbit meat. This decreases potential money wage, notwithstanding it should be no issue where the suggestion is to raise rabbits as a family en- terprise, primarily to offer meat to the family where the consuming procedure may be insufficient in protein.

    ? Ailments are ordinary and not in any manner like chickens, specific rabbit medi- cines are not viably available. Likewise veterinarians (even in Europe and the U.s.) don't by and large have much inclusion in the conclusion and treatment of rabbit diseases. Of course, with incredible cleanliness and sound judgment, included to information found in this booklet one should not have an overabundance of hassles over afflictions. Most animals get wiped out once in a while, and a dead rabbit is to a lesser degree an anxiety than a dead goat or cow.

    Presentation 7

    ? Keeping rabbits will totally take up some of your time. All things considered it is hard to say how much. It depends on upon the amount of animals you keep, the hotel structure and the way you have the limit secure sustain. For example keeping 5 to 10 rabbits will take you around 1 to 2 hours a day for cleaning, directing and