As one of the largest construction equipment manufacturers in the world, Sany Group has a wide range of products including concrete machinery, road machinery, hydraulic excavators, piling machinery, hoisting machinery, port machinery, wind turbines, mining machinery and precision machine tool equipment. Sany products are being exported to more than 120 countries and regions, with the wind equipment, hydraulic excavator, large-tonnage hoisting machinery, mining machinery, road machinery, piling machinery, mobile port machinery becoming popular in China. And the Sany concrete machinery has become the leading brand of the world.

As the leading brand of China, Sany hydraulic excavator has a diverse product line, consisting of mini excavator, small excavators, medium excavators, large excavators and loaders. Each kind has its own functions and applications. Today we will look at the Sany medium excavator SY210C.

As a medium excavator, Sany SY210C weights 20,900kg. Its bucket capacity is 0.93 m³, and the engine power is 104/2000kW/rpm. SY210C is mainly used in earthwork, stone exploitation, water conservancy and mining, road, bridge, and tunnel construction. Sany SY210C adopts the Dynamic Optimization Matching Control System (DOMCS), which intelligently matches the engine system and hydraulic drive system, improving working efficiency by 6% and reducing fuel consumption by 10%. The multiple working modes provide flexible shift between specific heavy-duty and light-duty job needs. The remote monitoring system can realize remote error diagnosis and smart machine alerts, greatly improving safety of the operator and machine. The robust undercarriage and heavy-duty structure significantly strengthens stability of the machine.

The super design and structure of SY210C ensure its excellent capability to handle various working conditions, meeting customer’ s various needs and greatly expanding Sany’s brand influence in the world.