In scorching summer, it is a common concern for operators to maintain the excavator. Long time operation in high temperature is a huge challenge for the machines’ cooling and hydraulic system. Due to the high temperature and humidity in summer, the storage battery’s air vent is easy to be blocked. Once blocked, the internal high pressure might trigger the explosion. Besides, the hot temperature also aggravates the abrasion of the tires, which might lead to the explosion of tires. The high temperature damages the quality of the oil. The metamorphic oil will directly influence the oil’s lubricating performance, which causes the aggravation of the excavator’s abrasion.

Besides the regular inspection and maintenance of the excavator, there are also some tips we should follow to avoid the potential dangers. Firstly, change the compact excavator engine’s lubricating oil in time and select the oil that is suitable in summer. When the excavator stops working, put it in the shadow, avoiding direct sunlight. Charge the storage battery timely and make sure the steadiness of the circuit’s joint. Carefully check every component of the excavator to see whether there exist some small cracks. If there are some cracks, repair them in time to prevent the corrosion of the rain.

If the high temperature warning really rings out, calm down and remember the following things. Lower the load and rotation speed. Place the accelerator to the idle running speed. The heat produced by the friction of every component can be decreased. Add antifreeze can also reduce the temperature of the large excavator. If there is no antifreeze, distilled water and purified water can be replaced.