Farm workers are important to the food system of US states, and even though our population supported in their work to put food on the table, these workers has basic rights, use of face and live in fear of abuse reporting.
While farm workers run the gamut of what SW US citizens, legal permanent residents, seasonal workers for special visas for guest workers or undocumented workers, the most affected by immigration status; It is estimated that at least 6 of the 10 farm workers are undocumented our country (Southern Poverty Law Center). Most workers-78%, according to the National Agricultural Workers last Survey- beyond born and the border to come here (NAWS, Farmworker Justice).
Historically, agricultural workers imported into the US from other countries with a population in need, they always have a disenfranchised group of workers, and in general do not have the right to vote. We can see it in the history of exploitation conditions and policy events that laid the foundation for the violation of our agricultural system today.


Immigrant Farmers