Seedless Mangoes? Yes…you have read it correctly !!

So far, we have seen seedless grapes and enjoying the taste of it without any discomfort during eating them directly. To make the same feeling for the mangoes lovers, now Indian scientists have developed a seedless mangoes which are fairly juicy and textured without any decrease in sweet and flavor by the time of mature. Its really a great news for all the mangoes lovers. Of course, for me too!!

V.B.Patel, chairman of the horticulture department at Bihar Agriculture University(BAU) at Sabour in Bhagalpur dt, told to Indo Asian News Services, we have developed a seedless mango variety from hybrids of mango varieties Ratna and Alphonso. He added further, still trails of the new variety Sindhu is under way at different locations in the country but the results of the variety at BAu says, it can be suitable for both integrated horticulture and kitchen gardening farming. In continuation to the above points, he added we are happy and enthuastic, confident and helpful of improving the seedless mango variety. Also, he confirmed that the average weight of the seedless fruit is 200gm and its pulp which is yellowish in the color, which has less fibre than the other mango varieties. Patel also said, the trails of the sindhu variety originally developed at the regional station of the Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth at Dapoli in Maharashtra’s Konkan region has throughed good fruiting on a three year old plant this year. This crop follows the regular crop cycle as other mangoes does. Patel has also confirmed based on their successful trials, the seedless variety can be established in local weather conditions.

M.L.Choudhary, Vice chancellor of BAU said, the university has exceptional experimental basis and decided to recreate plants of this variety and make them available to mango farmers during the next season to Bihar mango farmers in the first step. He then added, the seedless variety has good export potential and the university would provide quality plants to mango growers in 2015 to explore the export market.

Well, that’s all I wanted to share here and hope it will be a good news for mango lovers with not liking the licking the seeds

For those who likes licking the seed clean of the fruit, it’s a bad news because they may not get the seed fruits in the future as like the seedless grapes occupied the majority of grapes market these days.